Photo Booth

Capture Every Sweet, Funny, Cute, Loving and Hilarious
Moment With Our “State Of The Art” Photo Booth


Photo Booths

Photo Booths Hunter Valley impress your family and friends with an entertainment option that will have them in stitches and coming back for more! A photo booth will bring an immense amount of excitement for guests of all ages and will be the talking point of the party long after it has ended.

You will be looking back at this album for years to come – always with a smile and giggle!

Our Photo Booths are Touchscreen operated, they’re a piece of cake to use. Tap the screen, strike a pose and off you go.

We give you everything you need to make a party and are open to everything and anything to make it yours.

Make it Yours! Customise your photo booth hire!

We have a sweet range of photo strip designs, super fun backdrops and an awesome range of props and party packs. But don’t let us hold you back.

If you’re the designy / DIY type of person, or you’re working with a stylist, then go totally nuts… let’s all work together to create something fully amazing and completely you.

Social Booth

If a standard photo isn’t enough to capture the untamed magnificence of your guests, turn their antics into animated GIFs with our GIF Photo Booths Hunter Valley.

This pimped up version of the traditional photo booth turns still photos into looped-motion videos that can be shared with your guests, family and friends in an instant.

Check your hair, grab a couple of props, and take your place in front of the screen. The camera takes a few shots in quick succession, which are then turned into a GIF video and sent to you via text or email.

Share it on social media, with family and friends, or keep it for yourself.

Hashtag Printers

For Private Events

Our Hashtag print stations provide a unique way to entertain your guests. Make everyone an official photographer with the Hashtag Printer!

Get instant prints of the photos your guests post on social media. It’s an innovation everyone is talking about, and it’s taking the event
scene by storm. Be social! Get everyone involved!

It’s simple. Guests use their own smartphones to take a photo. They make them look beautiful using the genius of filters, and then upload them to Instagram using your unique event hashtag. Our Hashtag Printer will automatically detect and print out their photo, right there on the spot!

For Corporate Events

The Hashtag Printer is for social people! It’s all about capturing candid, real, weird and wonderful moments from your event – all through the eyes of your guests.

Perfect for any size event, from intimate parties and weddings, right through to corporate and branded events, the Hashtag printer helps to bring people together.

If you want start an online conversation about your brand or your event, our Hashtag Printer is a fun and creative way of doing that.

Social Screens

Uses your unique hashtag to gather all social media posts from Instagram and your Facebook Event into a live slideshow. The live stream of photos can then be shown on screen at your Event.

Get your guests involved and let them share the best moments, great for guests that cant make it to share there wishes. All the photos give you a look “behind the scenes” of people getting ready, waiting for the ceremony or the cocktail hour. We can also intergrate this with your Photo Booths Hunter Valley and Hastag printer.



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